Purchase the Book: Success For Every Student


  • "While the book does offer you practical advice on how to work with your students and other challenges related to teaching, it also reminds us that change is a two-way street. We cannot expect our students to change for the better if we don't show them that change is possible via modeling it. Overall, this is a good book to add to any PD collection, regardless of what subjects you teach."
  • "As an elementary teacher with a master's degree, it is refreshing to find a book that has so much information that I can use in the classroom. I would highly recommend the book to veteran teachers and especially to new teachers."
  • "This book is an easy read. Each chapter is relatively short but useful. It provides some important reminders on what it takes to be a good teacher."
  • "In the ever-changing field of teaching, this book captures the most important snapshots of the teaching field. This is a must-have for every new teacher's bookshelf."
  • "It's an excellent resource that can be used to provide professional coaching, guidance, and training to new and experienced teachers and administrators at any grade level or point in their professional career."
  • "This could be a great addition to any teacher's library. It's not a read front to back kind of book but rather pick a chapter that describes your situation."
  • "This book has captured the core of learning principles that every educator and parent should read. Combining social, emotional, academic, and accountability skills as an essential part of their education will help children be highly contributing members of society as they become adults."